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19th-Sep-2016 09:53 pm - Twin Suns of Gallifrey - Vid & Art
twin suns
I created a short vid and some fanarts inspired by amazing and dark fic "The Twin Suns of Gallifrey", written by SumOfAllThings. I hope that you will like it.
- fanart
- video
10th-Jan-2016 01:29 pm - Fic: Flying Away
Doctor Who
The Doctor and Susan leave Gallifrey forever:


Mentions of the Master, the Rani, the War Chief (Magnus), and Clara Oswald.

I hope you like!
7th-Dec-2015 12:04 am - Video: Doctor/Master Crack
Eight Smoulder
Well, they blocked it for a while for copyright reasons, but it's back, baby! My Doctor/Master crack video! Equal parts Classic and New Who. For your entertainment.
13th-Oct-2015 09:33 pm - Fic: The Untempered Schism
Doctor Who
I wrote a Theta & Master fic:


I hope you like it!
11th-Aug-2015 08:52 pm - Doctor/Master [Moments ~ Final Ep.]
new year
A final episode to my short 'Moments' series with Master/Doctor (David Tennant/John Simm and Matt Smith), where Master travels with Doctor after Season 3. And a crossover with Intruders.

Amy is missing, Master and both Doctors have to find a way to safe her.

- watch the final episode
10th-Aug-2015 11:24 am - Castrovalva is basically Labyrinth.

The story's main character, a young attractive person, is going through an awkward transition phase in their life. But then a child in their care is taken away, and the protagonist has to go to a confusing, somewhat magical land to get them back.

The antagonist is a clever, handsome devil who is somewhat obsessed with the protagonist and wants them in their power. They have a white-colored disguise they can use to spy on the protagonist, a device they use to show images and trick people, and powers having to do with time. They have this massive, complex place that they make the main character travel through. There's even a castle; the antagonist has something of a control/authority fetish. They also like wearing leather gloves.

Along the way, the main character makes new friends. One of them, though, is secretly working for the antagonist, albeit unwillingly. The antagonist slips the protagonist something that makes them go to sleep. Eventually, after encountering people who can't seem to give the main character straight answers and running through a Penrose-like maze of stairs and landings, the main character finally finds the antagonist, rescues the child, and returns home with their new friends, feeling better about the changes they've gone through.

28th-Jul-2015 05:01 pm - Doctor/Master [Moments ~ Ep. 2]
new year
Hello, this time I present you a Doctor Who/Mad Dogs crossover. When I saw this scene in Mad Dogs, I thought that it would look great if Doctor was there, so here we have a bonding scene with Master & Doctor.

I think that I will make episode 3, just to explain the scene from ep. 1, but it can take around 2 weeks :(

16th-Jul-2015 10:21 pm - Master/Doctor [Moments ~ Ep. 1]
new year
Hello, this is Ep. 1 of 'Moments' series and a crossover with Intruders.

Doctor and Master have an unexpected phone call.

And I really do not know how it will end. I am open for suggestions :)

11th-Jul-2015 09:48 pm - Doctor/Master [Moments Series]
new year
At last I made it. A Intruders/Doctor Who crossover (and Mad Dogs). Somehow it changed into short series. For now, I would like to share with you an intro to my 'Moments' series, where Master travels with Doctor after Season 3 and some strange events come to be.

The series will have two more episodes, which will be published in two coming weeks.
I do not know how you feel, but I miss Master and Doctor :( , with David Tennant and John Simm.

- See the video
9th-Jul-2015 10:31 pm - Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer

The premiere for s9 has been projected to be aired on Sept. 19th. I'm providing a link for anyone who hasn't seen the new trailer yet: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bB8fh4QUy-A

Did you notice that the Doctor says “I want to kiss her to death" when they show Missy?

Later on the vid, it shows Missy and Clara together. Suggesting perhaps an alliance between Missy and the Doctor?

9th-May-2015 01:23 pm - Twelfth Doctor/Missy poem

you think I don’t love you just because I won’t choose you over the whole world,
because I want to protect my friends and all innocent lives,
you don’t realize how tired I am of fighting you,
you don’t realize I want my old friend back too,
but not to join you in universal domination,
I will always try to stop you, but I gain no pleasure from your pain,
I don’t seek your destruction, only peace,
so desperate to believe that you are capable of changing,
that someday I might finally find the words to make you stop
before we must both die again,
this never ending cycle, trying to break through your disguises
Is there anything left of my old friend?
A single shred of compassion left for me to hold onto?
to hope that someday you’ll make a different choice,
please give me a reason not to give up on you,
you claim that your hearts still belong to me,
but you kill and torture my friends,
what kind of love is that?
How could they ever forgive me for having mercy on you?
21st-Apr-2015 02:01 pm - Meta-Level Rubbish Disguises
Read a 'Twissy' fic (smush names and I will never be friends) today which was *awkwardly reminiscent* of a particular older D/M fic. At least the second time I've read a Twelve/Gomez!Master fic and thought 'maaaaan, of course there's likely to be some influence from older D/M fic coming through, but that is a really *specific* unacknowledged influence, as in I can name the fic without going looking for it.' (You could say that new writers might be unaware of fic from a few years ago, but this looked to be more seasoned Who people.) Why not nod to the original fics? The little bit of credit the writers might lose in readers' eyes for not having Come Up With the device (if any) would be recompensed by making new readers aware of a bigger body of work, and thus more liable to read further/stick around in the fandom/give them more feedback.

I bet the writers read the fics in question when they came out, and have sort of--forgotten where they got this idea from. Which is excusable (I mean look at that whole album Bob Dylan accidentally stole from that poet), but also a little exasperating. It doesn't matter that much, but I do o_O at it.

Any Twelve/Gomez!Master delights or gripes of your own? (I know predatrix was saying she found some of the way fandom was handling Gomez!Master's gender and age not entirely satisfactory.) What do you think about fandom history/how we preserve fannish knowledge and community/the ettiquite here? After all, you could say that fandom's not about individual authorship, and that I've got the wrong end of the stick--who remembers who invented Big Common Tropes? Any Twelve/Gomez!Master fic recs? (Please stay away from fic anti-recs here, though.) General discussion--how is the new incarnation shaking out for you? What other D/M or fandom stuff are you up to?
15th-Apr-2015 11:41 am - Fic: Gone
Title: Gone
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 590
Summary: Just before the events of Journey's End, the Doctor remembers a moment shared with Koschei in Gallifrey.

Link to AO3
15th-Apr-2015 11:38 am - Fic: Falling Leaves
Title: Falling Leaves
Rating: PG
Word count: 336
Summary: The Doctor thinks of the Master (and other companions) after the events of Last of the Time Lords.

Link to AO3
15th-Apr-2015 04:33 am - Minor Modpost on Small Civilities
Best Enemies
Not that I should have to say it, but don't use obvious socks to gang up on people in an attempt to win arguments here (or indeed, anywhere, as it is very embarrassing). I'll just delete the comments when I happen upon them, and that's not exactly A+ rhetoric/civility.

Also, as a general reminder, please Keep to the Code/Tagging Guide (within reason! some innovations are totally helpful, but we do have the pairings organized that way for a reason, etc.), and if you have BIG GRAPHICS, please cut to save people browsing their f-list via phones, etc. Think of the bandwidth! It thinks of you... NSAked.

29th-Mar-2015 09:38 pm - Master/Doctor Video
Hi, lately I made a Collab Vid with David Tennant Fever, with Master and Doctor, and I would like to share it with you :)

Story: After "end of time" , Doctor goes to an alternate world and meets Master. But old wounds do not heal quickly.

1st-Mar-2015 08:12 pm - Master x Doctor Centric Links


A new pic every day of the master
FYEAHTIMECOCK   For sextreme NC-17 of Doctor and Master
SLASH LORDS         The Slash Lords Feed on Tumblr
DOCTORxMASTER   Everything Master And Doctor
FUCKYEAHMASTERxDOCTOR Just like it sounds!

2. *~ slashlords ~*

recently opened community for Master x Doctor shippers, has a lot on it.


Master x Doctor centric Roleplay Chat.  Very friendly people and always welcoming to others interested. Multiverse welcome ...


Skype Master x Doctor Multiverse Day by Day rpg.  Message annaxstar on Skype for details.

Hope some of you get some thing out of some of these! Enjoy!  :)

21st-Feb-2015 10:18 pm - The Female Master
This started off as a comment on a story on AO3 that had Missy feeling sad and vulnerable because she now looked older than all those young women the Doctor went around with. Followed by a comment by the author that she thinks MG looks lovely, but can imagine the Master having a sad because he's an older woman now.

My head-canon, which isn't the majority, has the special extra gender stuff Moffat (and some classic Who writers) put in as Doylist--to fit in with our world, while it's possible to imagine Time Lord culture as radically different because of the physical differences brought in by regenerations, the power they must have to alter their bodies (compared to humans), and the reproductive technology hinted at in some of the extended universe stuff.

It's certainly believable that if Gallifreyan gender *is* as constrained as the human variety she might throw a major wobbly of this body-dysmorphism type, although I'm now confused as to how they 'read' time's effects on the body, given Moffat's current tendency to write Twelve as though he suddenly can't read his age visually compared to Clara's. Given Moffat, it's equally believable that he's trying to write Twelve as Really Alien or he's chucking them in for a cheap joke.

(I must have a go at writing a story some day that foregrounds the sheer *strangeness* of a bunch of people whose *visible* age seems to have nothing to do with their chronological age. Hmm. Now I think about it, is *that* the effect Moffat was trying to get to when he wrote all that What Is This Age Business Anyway stuff in series 8?).

Then I realised this had gone a bit meta, and was no longer appropriate as a comment for the story that had started me thinking. I've mentioned the gender stuff before, but not the Visible Effects of Time stuff.

It's giving me the thinks. Anyone else?
it's a gas mask

onlyonebed is the new fandom fest for one of the best tropes ever: sharing a bed!

We've all done it. Watched a scene between the Tenth Doctor and Mickey, or the Twelfth Doctor and Missy, or the Eleventh Doctor and the entire Paternoster Gang, and thought – hey. What if these people had to share a slightly too-small bed for transparently self-indulgent reasons only tenuously related to the plot? What might happen? Unresolved sexual tension? Awkward yet endearing cuddling? Naked Twister? The inspiration for the invention of the earplug?

Let’s find out!

If you’ve ever wanted to write fic, create fanart, make a vid, or write the score for a low-budget rock opera in which two or more characters from Doctor Who and its related media (including Sarah Jane Adventures, Big Finish audios, Torchwood, comics, etc.) have to share a bed for some kind of transparent and possibly only vaguely plot-related reason, this is the fest for you.

All pairings, genres, and ratings are welcome (but please come and FILL THE PAGES with Doctor/Master prompts, I will love you forever). Prompting opens December 1, and prompts are available for claiming on December 15. Fics should be posted throughout the month February 2015 - giving us all twenty-eight days of sharing a bed. :D

You can also find us on:
So please feel free to participate wherever you prefer, and have fun!
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