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1st-Mar-2015 08:12 pm - Master x Doctor Centric Links


A new pic every day of the master
FYEAHTIMECOCK   For sextreme NC-17 of Doctor and Master
SLASH LORDS         The Slash Lords Feed on Tumblr
DOCTORxMASTER   Everything Master And Doctor
FUCKYEAHMASTERxDOCTOR Just like it sounds!

2. *~ slashlords ~*

recently opened community for Master x Doctor shippers, has a lot on it.


Master x Doctor centric Roleplay Chat.  Very friendly people and always welcoming to others interested. Multiverse welcome ...


Skype Master x Doctor Multiverse Day by Day rpg.  Message annaxstar on Skype for details.

Hope some of you get some thing out of some of these! Enjoy!  :)

21st-Feb-2015 10:18 pm - The Female Master
This started off as a comment on a story on AO3 that had Missy feeling sad and vulnerable because she now looked older than all those young women the Doctor went around with. Followed by a comment by the author that she thinks MG looks lovely, but can imagine the Master having a sad because he's an older woman now.

My head-canon, which isn't the majority, has the special extra gender stuff Moffat (and some classic Who writers) put in as Doylist--to fit in with our world, while it's possible to imagine Time Lord culture as radically different because of the physical differences brought in by regenerations, the power they must have to alter their bodies (compared to humans), and the reproductive technology hinted at in some of the extended universe stuff.

It's certainly believable that if Gallifreyan gender *is* as constrained as the human variety she might throw a major wobbly of this body-dysmorphism type, although I'm now confused as to how they 'read' time's effects on the body, given Moffat's current tendency to write Twelve as though he suddenly can't read his age visually compared to Clara's. Given Moffat, it's equally believable that he's trying to write Twelve as Really Alien or he's chucking them in for a cheap joke.

(I must have a go at writing a story some day that foregrounds the sheer *strangeness* of a bunch of people whose *visible* age seems to have nothing to do with their chronological age. Hmm. Now I think about it, is *that* the effect Moffat was trying to get to when he wrote all that What Is This Age Business Anyway stuff in series 8?).

Then I realised this had gone a bit meta, and was no longer appropriate as a comment for the story that had started me thinking. I've mentioned the gender stuff before, but not the Visible Effects of Time stuff.

It's giving me the thinks. Anyone else?
it's a gas mask

onlyonebed is the new fandom fest for one of the best tropes ever: sharing a bed!

We've all done it. Watched a scene between the Tenth Doctor and Mickey, or the Twelfth Doctor and Missy, or the Eleventh Doctor and the entire Paternoster Gang, and thought – hey. What if these people had to share a slightly too-small bed for transparently self-indulgent reasons only tenuously related to the plot? What might happen? Unresolved sexual tension? Awkward yet endearing cuddling? Naked Twister? The inspiration for the invention of the earplug?

Let’s find out!

If you’ve ever wanted to write fic, create fanart, make a vid, or write the score for a low-budget rock opera in which two or more characters from Doctor Who and its related media (including Sarah Jane Adventures, Big Finish audios, Torchwood, comics, etc.) have to share a bed for some kind of transparent and possibly only vaguely plot-related reason, this is the fest for you.

All pairings, genres, and ratings are welcome (but please come and FILL THE PAGES with Doctor/Master prompts, I will love you forever). Prompting opens December 1, and prompts are available for claiming on December 15. Fics should be posted throughout the month February 2015 - giving us all twenty-eight days of sharing a bed. :D

You can also find us on:
So please feel free to participate wherever you prefer, and have fun!
default [trufflehog]
Blank Space
by purplefringe and such_heights
fandom: Doctor Who (all)
ship: Doctor/Master
music: Blank Space - Taylor Swift
content notes: canon-typical creepy/violent relationship dynamic
summary: So it's gonna be forever or and it's gonna go down in flames
notes: Spoilers for whole canon. Part of the 1989 Vid Album. Also on tumblr and the AO3.

download & streaming
15th-Nov-2014 02:15 am - Ever-Fixed Mark
Title: Ever-Fixed Mark
Author: x_los
Rating: G
Pairing: The Doctor/The Master: Three/Delgado!Master, Five/Ainley!Master, Ten/Simm!Master
Characters: Three, Eleven, Five, Ten, River Song, Jo Grant, mentions of others
Summary: "...there it is. Neat, looking fresh-drawn. It apparently came with the Master’s assumption of the body, with his transformation of the flesh into a shape that suited him. It is so deeply a part of the Master that any shell he occupies must bear its testament. Isn’t love grand." SOULMATE-IDENTIFYING MARKS AU.
Beta: aralias

LJ: http://x-losfic.livejournal.com/57042.html
Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2618258

14th-Nov-2014 04:08 pm - Mod Post: Nomenclature
Best Enemies
So it's been almost two weeks since Part 1 of the finale aired on BBC1 and BBC America, and thus I think it's safe to talk about nomenclature.

I'd like us to go with Master: Gomez and Pairing: Twelve/Gomez!Master for the sake of consistency? There's an argument to be made for Missy or Mistress, but

a) this agrees better with the others visually,
b) this sites this Master effectively within a larger canon of Masters, and
c) we can't be sure the alternative terms won't be jossed. 'Missy' was a term the writers found useful in the creation of a 'mystery', and they're not necessarily committed to maintaining it as a character choice. I could see 'Mistress' also easily going this way.

You could say that not going with Mistress here is female erasure, but then you could also say that not maintaining the integrity of the character's name says negative things about the degree to which gender dominates identity discourses in a post-biological species/for a character that's been, well, a goosnake, so being a female is the least of their dysphoria issues. Personally I think the most important thing about any Master is that... they're the Master, and so I really prefer making Gomez 'one of the gang'.

You could also say 'let's go with what other fannish spaces are doing', but at the moment there are only 16 (!!) Twelve/Missy fics on Ao3. Some of them have gone with Twissy or Twleve/Missy, but it seems unsettled, and 16 short fics does not a sample size make. Whatever Tumblr's doing with tags for this is liable to change/die out of the record bc of the nature of the platform. On this point, I think we haven't really much interference to contend with.

Let me know if you've feelings pro or con this? If people a) care and b) are overwhelmingly pro 'Missy' tags and have some good reasons, we'll switch over. 
10th-Nov-2014 10:20 am - Discussion Post for "Death in Heaven"
Delgado!Master, Three
I'm surprised nobody has opened a discussion post for the Doctor Who finale, so I'm going to kick things off here.
9th-Nov-2014 09:41 pm - Fic: another time
Title: another time
Author: iloome
Rating: G
Word count: 450
A/N: Long time no see, but I felt like coming back to my beginnings ;)
Summary: They meet again years later, or maybe earlier, it's hard to tell.

link to ao3
Hi, I am really upset by character of Missy (yesterday Watson and Moriarty in "Elementary", today - Master, tomorrow ... James Bond will become a female Sontaran in disguise),so I created this:

- Death of Master - my response to the "Dark Water" episode.

And to not make you more depressed, I am giving you something more cheerful, my older vid, but I think, it is interesting - Doctor's companion - because I love Ten/Master relationship.

And maybe next Vid - Doctor Who/Intruder crossover :)
1st-Nov-2014 11:13 pm(no subject)
gators gonna gait
So, um, I'm just going to leave a discussion post here, about Things that May or May Not Have To Do With the New Episode, and I shall keep the text of this post vague for those of you playing along at home who haven't watched the new one yet.

So. Discuss things here.
31st-Oct-2014 01:48 am - Fan Vid: "Fifty Shades Of Fivey"
Hello, 'tis I! And I bring this fine community a fan video, made by yours truly. Basically just clips of Five and Ainley (well, and a little Adric) dubbed over the audio for the Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer. Not great, I'll admit, but dang if I don't get a wee bit squirmy when the Master says "I exercise control in all things". (Tell me Tony Ainley wouldn't have made a killer Christian Grey. I dare ya.)

Anydoctorwho, here is the link to the viddie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6yiOHZ81G8. Now, a warning, the movie is about a BDSM relationship (as I'm sure you know), so it's a little suggestive. But it's Classic Who. Obviously nothing too terribly raunchy. Enjoy!
21st-Sep-2014 04:13 pm - Multifandom Christmas Exchange
HMD chase xxx

multifan_gift | Schedule & Rules | Sign-Ups | multifan_gift

We want to invite you all to join us over at multifan_gift for our second Multifandom Christmas Exchange.
Every Fandom goes, the more the merrier!
Every kind of fanwork is welcome!

Posted with mod approval.
24th-Aug-2014 02:00 am - "Deep Breath" cameo? Just maybe?
All right, I'll try to keep this part vague, but presumably the comments will contain spoilers.

For anyone here who's watched the Season 8 premiere, what did you think of that new character we met towards the end? You know the one I mean--"Welcome to paradise"? I have a lot of thoughts about this character. Since I'm broaching the subject on this particular community, you can probably guess what these thoughts are. I'd be interested to hear others' opinions.
Because evil Five is awesome.

Title: Possession
Author: fiveainley_ohmy
Pairing: Fifth Doctor/Ainley!Master
Rating: R
Length: 600-ish
Summary: Alternate universe where the Doctor is evil and the Master is not. That's it, really.

I just edited and reposted a story that I wrote for a zine last year - so while some of you may have seen this before, I figured I might as well mention it in case anyone else wanted to see!

A Fleeting Passion for Facial Hair
Rating: gen
Characters: Multi-era Doctor and Master, Amy
Wordcount: 1,500ish
Summary: A very serious multi-era fic about the Master's beards.

Read it on the AO3!
24th-Jul-2014 06:41 pm - Worldcon
So I know a few of us are going to be at Worldcon in London this year, but then I started to wonder about all y'all. Holla if you're going and want to grab a coffee/chat about cool-looking programme items/brag on the cosplay you'll be doing, etc.
5th-Jul-2014 02:31 pm - Tumblr recs blog
doctor who
Greetings all, I discovered this community a couple of months ago, and have been absolutely in awe of the creativity to be found in the archives ever since. I really do love the variety you get in fic for this pairing, and the enthusiasm for celebrating old and new Who alike.

Because I feel there is a wealth of fic out there that deserves more attention, I've recently started up a Doctor/Master recs tumblr, meticulously tagged by Doctor and Master incarnation, and even wound up spending an embarrassing amount of time trying to see how much of the table of all possible pairings I can fill in. (Not all fic recced there comes from this comm, though I still entirely credit it with getting me started and pointing me in the right direction for where to look.)

Corrections and comments are entirely welcome – if anyone would like to lay claim to any of the anon stories or ask me to redirect a link to something more recently reposted in namespace, I'd be only too happy to make those edits.
23rd-Jun-2014 11:27 pm - Fic: Begin Again (Ten/Simm!Master)
An old story from the anon meme, now archived at my journal as well.

Title: Begin Again
Author: my_evil_sister
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ten/Simm!Master
Length: 1,773 words
Summary: The Doctor and the Master die together at the end of The End of Time. Deviates a bit from the original prompt “Ten/Simm, hurt-comfort. The Master somehow escapes the Time War (again) and shows up before Ten regenerates and they're both traumatized and there's comforting talk (or maybe just mutual fanboying and flailing) and then they regenerate together.”

Begin Again

22nd-Jun-2014 11:51 pm - fic: on the art of baking
c'lebs || storyteller
Title: On the Art of Baking
Author: hobbit_feets
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sixth Doctor/Ainley!Master
Summary: 'Well, what is it to be? Kitchen counter or shower?'
Wordcount: 800

Fic lives yurr
Title: Five Step Plan
Author: fiveainley_ohmy (Me, hi.)
Rating: PG
Length: 450-500 words
Pairing: Third Doctor/Delgado!Master
Summary: The abridged version of season eight. Cracky, very cracky. Also, I finally figured out format! *bows* Thank you, thank you, you're too kind.

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