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Best Enemies
A Cosmos Without Doctor/Master Scarcely Bears Thinking About
Ask and Ye Shall Receive... 
15th-Apr-2008 02:34 pm
Best Enemies
You can has Anonymous Porn Meme!

Simply comment anonymously with a fic scenario you'd like to see written (your request does have to relate to the Doctor and the Master in some at least tangential way), and respond anonymously to other's requests with anything from a drabbles to full length stories. If you make a ton of requests? You should definitely try and fill a couple.  As Mama in Chicago would explain, it's about reciprocity.

Give it a try! Play hard, have fun!

Edit: *If you really like a prompt and it's been filled, feel free to respond again! One prompt can spawn multiple ficclets!*

Return of Edit: If you don't necessarily need them to sex right nao, but just want to see them do some specific thing, like talk about their granddaughter Susan just as an example (pulled from an idea below), that's awesome as well! Non-porn on the Anon Porn Meme! So Transgressive!

EDIT OF RASSILON: Write RESPONSE in the subject line of a request-fill post to make navigating to responses/telling what's been answered vs. just ditto'd easier for everyone. I don't want to hate on ditos/expansions/qualifications, they're useful! But threads collapse all annoying-like with this layout. x_x

EDIT OF OMEGA: Recently we've had some kinda dubious anon meme posts. The prompts in question are fine; some prompts are responses to others, and you're allowed to have opinions. But exercise best judgement/play well with others. Don't diss other people's prompts when you make yours. You may be anon, but this ain't who_anon. Not everything's gonna be your cuppa. It would be nice if we could avoid 'your choices are invalid, this character is this way' in the future.
10th-May-2008 08:59 pm (UTC)
Doctor/Master (Master/Adric), the Master explains to the Doctor exactly what he did to Adric in the Web (of bondage).
1st-Jul-2008 01:50 am (UTC) - RESPONSE: PART I
He was weaker. He’d been here longer. The Doctor had only just stumbled in. The Doctor could break free of the spell of this place. The Doctor could get them out. But he was succumbing already, faster than the Master thought he had, though it was hard to judge time when your will was unwinding. The Doctor was pinned to the wall by the creeper vines that stilled his mind even as they pinned his body.

“We’re going to die here,” the Doctor said, flatly. He didn’t seem very perturbed about it. “And I’ll regenerate trapped, too confused get out. And do it again and again until there’s nothing left. I imagine it’ll take several days for me to die. You won’t last that long.”

The Master grit his teeth, frustrated by the Doctor’s blunt assessment. It was true though. The window of time in which either of them could free himself was fast closing. The Doctor would watch his body rot on the wall, perhaps never realizing that the Master was anything other than a corpse—never grasping, in his regeneration-delerium, that he /knew/ that body. Not know that it was ever the form of a man he had been acquainted with for centuries—a man who had been extraordinarily important to him, at that.

Being someone the Doctor could simply forget had never appealed to him.

“Did I ever tell you how I passed the time with your little pet while I waited for you to arrive in the city I made for you?” The Master began slowly, with what little strength he had left.

“What?” The Doctor muzzily blinked.

“I was so anxious for your arrival, but your girls took their time about bearing you to me. Such a lot of excess energy to dispose of, and I had nothing to amuse me but your boy. I had him give me a facsimile of you, just to take the edge off. One of the bodies I never got to taste—wonderful thing, block transfer computation. And then I had another. So very lifelike. One might almost think they had real will of their own. It must have been wretched for the child, to watch the Doctor he loved like a father beg for me to touch him. Of course it was all drawn out of his own mind, too, bent to my specification, so there was little of it he didn’t himself experience via your avatar.”

The Master’s face was slick and shining with sweat, and he managed the ghost of a ghastly grin at the Doctor. Pale, stirring slightly, the Doctor stared at him through narrowed eyes.

“You didn’t.” He blinked, twice. “No, you wouldn’t have. You have far better control of yourself than that, and you’re too proud of that control to waste it on such sick indulgences.”

“Or perhaps I’d do it with cheerful impunity, just because I could do that to something you loved. And perhaps I buried the memory of it deep in his mind when I was done, yet didn’t bother to fully cleanse him of it, so that he suffered in dreams, just to please myself. They say that remembering in sleep’s not any more pleasant.” The Master raised an eyebrow. “And perhaps I never told you because I wished to wait for the most perfect moment to do so.”

The Doctor curled his fist reflexively as if he wanted to punch the Master. His wrist strained against the vine. The Master’s eyes flickered as he noticed it. Good.

“But then I wasn’t content with a doll of you, and you still tarried in the woods. I wanted live prey, Doctor, and there was your pet, strung up and helpless. Young. I thought of how young you were when you first let me bind you up like that. Remember how you asked me to? My perfect little slut—how much you gave me, and how excessively willingly, before you tried to take it all away.
1st-Jul-2008 01:51 am (UTC) - RESPONSE: PART II

“I remember how soft you were then. How innocent. Lovely lips, your pet. Not a patch on yours, and he didn’t make nearly as pretty of sounds as I’ve gotten out of you, but I made do in a pinch. You know, I don’t think he’d ever been with anyone before? The way his whole body shook around me—he was so very afraid of me, I must admit I was flattered. I think he would have rather it had been you instead of me, if forced to choose. Did you ever get around to fucking him? No?”

“I would never,” the Doctor hissed, straining harder at the vines, “Never have, he was just a child, he’d done nothing, it was me you wanted to hurt, how could you—”

“Because of how fetching you look right now,” the Master sneered, “when you know that it’s all your fault.”

The Doctor was fully awake and aware now, eyes glinting murder, chest heaving.

“Where is your little pet these days?” The Master rolled his head back, rested it against the stone wall, and speculated aloud. “I’ve not seen him around—tell me, did you manage to get him killed? Was it a nasty death? With the appalling situations you drag your band of disciples into, I’d guess painful, with an option on ‘explosive.’ How very young he must have been.” The Master chuckled. “Oh stop it, quiver any harder in impotent rage and you’ll sprain something. Tell me, does it make it any better? Knowing poor, lamented Adric didn’t die a virgin?”

The Doctor ripped himself free of the psychic control and the vines in one and was across the room, hands wrapping around the Master’s neck, pushing at the Master’s windpipe like he’d crush it, face chalk-pale, with high, red spots on his cheeks. Around the blackening edges of his vision, the Master thought it a lovely picture. He began to laugh.

“Well done Doctor,” he congratulated him breathlessly, speaking a little more freely when the Doctor eased the pressure on his throat, “You’ve managed to break free of the vines. Now move quickly and we can escape here with our lives.”

The Doctor’s rage dropped, and he simply looked spent, aghast. “You—you said all of that, just to make me—”

“You’re free, aren’t you?” The Master drawled. “You were content to lay back and die until I provoked you. Now be a good fellow sufferer and cut me down. There’s a fair-sized knife in my right boot.”

Silently, the Doctor slit the Master’s bonds and together they escaped the cave. Outside, the Doctor eyed him warily in the sunlit clearing.

“How much of that was true?” The Doctor’s mouth was a stiff line. The Master chuckled.

“All of it. None at all. Some portion.” The Master turned to invade the Doctor’s space. “And if it is true, are you furious that I did it, or are you jealous that it wasn’t you, strung up and wanting?” The Doctor’s Adam’s apple bobbed tellingly before he pushed away his own reaction. The Master sighed. “A shame, Doctor. If you could let yourself have what you need, you’d be so much happier.” He ran a hand down the Doctor’s lapel. “I wouldn’t greatly mind it either.”

“If you did it,” the Doctor stepped out of reach, caught his eyes and held them, “You would be an absolute monster. I could never forgive you. There would be nothing redeemable left in you. I could never even look at you again.”

“Given that lovely ultimatum, I see no reason to confirm your suspicions one way or the other,” the Master’s smile turned especially vicious. “And rest assured. No matter what you do, Doctor, I’ll always look.” He turned to walk towards his own TARDIS. “Until next time, Doctor.”

3rd-Jul-2008 08:55 am (UTC) - Re: RESPONSE: PART II
Genius interpretation of that prompt. Love this -

“All of it. None at all. Some portion.” The Master turned to invade the Doctor’s space.
It gives him a shade of Trickster and it captures Ainley!Master's dynamic with Five really well: enigmatic, threatening, provocative, self-confident and completely crazy.
3rd-Jul-2008 09:26 am (UTC) - Re: RESPONSE: PART II
Thanks! I was actually pretty happy with this one. I mean, the prompts' perfectly fine, but I wanted to do more with it than just host Ainley!Master's weekly gloating and knitting circle.
3rd-Jul-2008 04:20 pm (UTC) - Re: RESPONSE: PART II
Ooo, I love it! It's great to see Ainley!Master getting a bit more mileage than "Bwah hahah, ain't I crazy?!" (Much as I love his crazy and his smirking.)
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