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A Cosmos Without Doctor/Master Scarcely Bears Thinking About
Tagging Guidelines 
11th-May-2010 04:23 pm
Ladies and gentlemen and non-dichotomous gendered persons, the Happiness Patrol proudly presents:

Anon Meme Tag:

The anon meme itself plus every mod update post will be tagged with the anon meme tag.


Is exactly what it says. The tag for scans or quotes or links to articles and/or interviews Relevant To Our Interests.


For posts about the DW audios.

Battle Royale:

This is the tag for the Battle of the Doctor/Master Serials! There can be only one! (The Battle Royale is where we vote between two eps and the winner gets to go on to the next round. It’s like Basketball brackets only with Doctor/Master. Sometimes there is discussion and comment fic.)

Beta Request:

For requesting betas.

Challenge Tags:

If your post concerns one of the challenges, use the appropriate challenge tag.


We like it. We like it so much it gets its own tag.

Deadly Sins/Heavenly Virtue Series Tag

This tag is for the drabble challenges inspired by the 7 deadly sins and heavenly virtues.

Discussion Questions

This tag is for members who wish to bring up Doctor/Master questions before the comm for thoughtful (or not so thoughtful) discussion. This tag indicates that the poster wishes to begin a dialogue.

This is not the same as meta, which is an essay, not a question, although a post could contain both meta and discussion questions and would then receive both tags. It is also not the same as a query, which is not a dialogue but rather a request for a practical question to be answered. (see entry on “query” for further details)


For fic of few phrases, feel free to fasten this on the finish.

Episode Watch

This is the tag under which episode watches, both pre-planned and spontaneous, are announced and organized.

Era Tags:

The era tags are for meta and discussion and gennish sorts of things involving the Doctor, but does NOT indicate a work featuring that Doctor. For example, a meta post on whether Five picked up Turlough because he was trying to move on from the Master after the Master destroyed a third of the universe would be tagged “era: 5.” A set of icons that include icons of Five without the Master would be tagged “era: 5.” A scan of an old article about the relationship between Three and Delgado!Master would be tagged “era: 3.” But a fic that features Five and Ainley!Master is NOT tagged “era: 5;” it’s tagged “pairing: 5/ainley!master.”

Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, and Fanvid

These are the tags for the various sorts of creative fanworks. Post your fanwork under the appropriate tag.

Fic Digest:

Occasionally the mods will post a digest of fic that has been posted to the comm. These are primarily, but not exclusively, digests of fics written for comm challenges (including the drabble challenges). Those digests will have this tag.

Fic Search:

Help! There’s this fic I read and I don’t remember much about it except Master was turned into an endangered grey wolf and the Doctor had to save him from poachers. At some point they share a Pina Colada (but not while the Master’s a wolf). What is this fic?

If you have ever found yourself thinking something like this (but hopefully not *exactly* like this, since this fic doesn’t exist, thank god) then this tag is for you. This tag serves two functions: 1) If you read a fic somewhere and want to find it again but can’t remember where you read it, who wrote it, or what it’s called, tell the comm as much as you can and see if someone recognizes it. 2) If you are searching for a certain type of fic—say, you’re trying to make a list of every fic wherein Three eats a sandwich, ask with this tag.

Basically, any time you post about looking for fic, use this tag.

Graphics Tags:

These are pretty straightforward. There is one for banners/headers, one for icons, one for manips, one for scans, one for screencaps, and one for wallpaper. Any graphics image that doesn’t fit any of these categories should be tagged under “graphics: other.”

Index Post

This is for our indexes of serials and audios featuring the Master.

Intro Post

There is one intro post. Post thy introduction on the established intro post (there is a link on the comm profile). Periodically, the mods will do an intro digest, featuring a few of the intros from the intro post. The intro digests will have an “intro post” tag.

Master Tags:

The tags “master: actor/serial” go on every post featuring that incarnation of the Master. So if you’ve got a hankering for Delgado!Master, click on the “master: delgado” tag for all the Delgado posts.

Meta Tag

Fan essays relevant to Doctor/Master go under the meta tag.

Mod Post

When a mod makes any sort of announcement regarding comm administration, it will be tagged as a mod post. Mod post tag = hey listen up SRS BSNS!

Pairing Tags:

Most of them are pretty straightforward. If your fic is Three/Delgado, use the “pairing: 3/delgado!master tag” and so forth.

For the less obvious pairing tags:

“Pairing: Number/other master” (such as “pairing three/other master” “pairing: four/other master”, etc). This is for posts with a major Doctor incarnation paired up with a given incarnation of the Master less than three times. Like Three/Roberts!Master. After three posts with said pairing have been posted, the Happiness Patrol will create a separate pairing tag for it. (This is the Pertwee Rule. Three entries to qualify for a tag.)

Pairing: doctor/master unspecified = incarnations purposefully left undefined. Could be any incarnation.

Pairing: other doctor/other master = unusual pairing. This would include laurie!doctor/fry!master. Or 14/Future!Master. Or Lumly!Doctor/Master. This does *not* include AUs such as evil!Five/good!Ainley or girl!Five/girl!Ainley. Those should be tagged under pairing: 5/ainley!master. So if the pairing you want to post about is new and innovative and there does not exist a tag for it, DO NOT create a new tag. Instead, tag it here under “pairing: other doctor/other master.” Once a particular pairing has three or more posts dedicated to it, the Happiness Patrol will create a tag for it and back-tag the old entries. If you notice that a pairing has earned its tag but hasn’t received one, feel free to contact the Happiness Patrol. If you think your innovative pairing deserves a tag, consider this incentive to produce more fanworks and/or meta about the pairing.

If your fanwork is gennish or a friendship fanwork, give it a pairing tag anyway to indicate the incarnations involved. “Pairing” does not necessarily = sex.

Plot Bunny:

If you have a bunny you’d like to adopt out, use this tag so people can find your bunnies.

Query Tag:

This is the tag for practical questions rather than discussion questions. (eg—“Where can I find Hi Res images of Delgado!Master?” Or, “In which episodes does Ainley!Master use hypnosis?”)


Fic/art/vid/etc recs should have the recs tag.


Fic/art/vid/etc remixes should have the remix tag.


Links or posts of things useful or pertinent to the comm mission to boldly slash where many have slashed before. For example, a link to the TVTropes article on FoeYay, or a recipe for a Laser Screwdriver (alcoholic drink).

Round 1/2/3

These refer to Battle Royale rounds.


Role Playing. Coordinated over at the_imperiatrix comm.


If your fic/art/vid/etc is part of a series, use this tag.


Arrrr! Avast ye maties! *ahem* Understood?

Weekly Drabble Challenge:

Every week, we have a themed drabble challenge. It has this tag.

This is a comprehensive guideline and I urge everyone to read through it, but if you're in a rush to save the world and don't have time to read the whole thing right now, I suggest you at least look at the guidelines for the pairing tags and the master tags. The Happiness Patrol will be slowly retagging old entries in accordance with the new guidelines, but any retagging of your own old posts that you wish to do is greatly appreciated by us.

Also, the comm still allows members to create their own tags, but before creating a tag please 1)verify that there isn't already an appropriate tag 2) consider whether a tag is really needed (eg, since this is a Doctor/Master comm, we don't need a "doctor/master" tag. *Everything's* Doctor/Master. Or, on the flip side, if Paris Hilton were to mention the Doctor/Master subtext in an interview (just go with the hypothetical scenario) and a member posted a link to the interview, we still probably wouldn't need a "paris hilton" tag as the chances of us ever needing to use such a tag a second time are slim.) and 3) try to create the new tags in the same format as the existing tags (eg, if you have a post that requires a ninth era tag, create the tag as "era: 9" instead of "era: ninth" or "ninth era").

If you have any questions, now or in the future, feel free to comment on this post. (Questions about tagging, that is.)
12th-May-2010 04:21 am (UTC)
It may be there and my eyes can't process it, but is there a post for "episode reviews"?

Also, I'm pretty sure there are no "If You Like Pina Colada" fics out there, but there may perhaps be a "Let's share a banana daiquiri" fic or two out there. Which is unfortunate, because I think straight, unmixed grain- or grape-based alcoholic beverages make for better everything.

Thank you for all this work.
12th-May-2010 10:53 am (UTC)
This is comprehensive, witty, and no doubt represents an ass-ton of work. Thanks much for doing it!
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