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Recs Master List

Welcome to the new, improved rec list! Recs are listed in (roughly) alphabetical order by title (ignoring A and The), and only include 'official' recs i.e. ones that have been recced by designated reccers. Links take you to the rec post, and I'm only warning for non D/M - you have to look on that original post for other warnings.

Please avoid duplicating any of these when you make your recs, but otherwise please rec whatever you like. What the new, improved rec list shows us is that hardly any vids have been recced, no fanmixes, hardly any fanart (except for reasonabsurd's excellent picspams) - show some love for fanart, fanvids and fanmixes! And of course fanfic - I want to read things I missed the first time. So please help me out. If you want to rec, please let me know in this post.

Also, readers, if you've enjoyed something - please comment on it, no matter how old. Perhaps I speak only for myself, but I think the long-time-afterward comments are the best ones.

Let me know if there are any obvious errors. The list will be updated as people make more recs.

Fanart Picspam, by various, recced by reasonabsurd. 14/4/2010
Fanart Picspam 2, The Return of Fanart Picspam, by various, recced by reasonabsurd. 13/8/2010
Fanart Picspam 3, The Return of the Return of the Fanart Picspam, by various, recced by tardiscrash. 30/10/2010
Classic Fancomics, by various, recced by neveralarch 13/10/2010
More v good fanart, by various, recced by aralias. 19/12/2010
Various fanart (beard themed), by various, recced by neveralarch 30/4/2011
Bathtime by tardiscrash, recced by elviaprose. 29/5/11
Selection of comics by Sparklingblue (on DevArt), recced by tardiscrash. 11/7/11

Our Brightest Minds, by birdsarecalling, recced by darklyenigmatic. 28/8/2010
Don't Stop me Now by charmax (vid and fanmix), recced by srevans. 26/1/2011

End of Time Spoof, by timelordfromhell, recced by neveralarch 6/10/2010
Guy Love, by dangerpro09 (on Youtube), recced by reasonabsurd. 8/8/2010
What Is This Feeling?, by sparking_off, recced by aralias. 24/9/2009
Fanvid Spam (including 'I Want It All', 'Friends Will Be Friends', 'Don't Like You', and 'Guy Love' (so good they recced it twice), by various, recced by fox_in_time. 28/11/2010
Don't Stop me Now by charmax (vid and fanmix), recced by srevans. 26/1/2011
Crossover Vid Recs (including 'I Won't Say I'm in Love' -Hercules, 'Hellfire' - The Hunchback of Notre Dame', 'Rest in Peace' (Buffy), 'Drumming Song' (with Black Books) by Various, recced by tula_peiwa 18/3/2011
A Gallifreyan Love Story on YouTube, recced by von_gelmini 22/3/2011
Poison (Five/Ainley) by morebezrybaka (on Youtube), recced by elviaprose. 29/5/11
Babelcolour Tribute - Fifth Doctor by Babelcolour (on Youtube), recced by elviaprose. 8/6/11. Not D/M
The Ten Doctors (Redux) by Babelcolour (on Youtube), recced by elviaprose. 8/6/11. Not D/M
<a href=">The Master's Love Letter</a> by solidbronze (on Youtube), recced by insanitysorigin. 31/7/2011
End of Time Spoof by Pullapitkomies (on Youtube), recced by insanitysorigin. 31/7/2011
See You Again by tardisdreamer (on Youtube), recced by insanitysorigin. 31/7/2011
You Are Not Alone by songsfrompaul, KronksSpinachPuffs, recced by bastet_in_april. 1/9/2011
Space Dementia and Drop Dead Gorgeous by nastally and GeckoGoose (on YouTube), recced by randomfandom93. 3/9/2011
I Want To Be You by mariebbgon on YouTube, recced by narwhale_callin. 4/10/2011
Through With You by girlycard33 on YouTube, recced by narwhale_callin. 6/10/2011
My Favourite Game by scapegoat13 on YouTube, recced by narwhale_callin. 11/10/2011
Cold Crush by OsaNona22 on Youtube, recced by narwhale_callin. 13/10/2011
Alone I Cannot Conquer the Earth by unturndownable on Youtube, recced by foralllove. 27/10/2011
The Collective by batmanmarch on Youtube, recced by blackrose42. 11/11/2011
My Eyes (Dr. Horrible) by Pandoribolical on YouTube, recced by unknown20troper. 3/12/2011
3 vids: Whoverse Hoedown; Jizz in My Pants; Not One of Us by various, recced by unknown20troper. 10/12/2011
Look At Your Renegade Time Lord by vonquixote, recced by x_los. 14/12/2011

The Sound of Drums by Chameleon Circuit, recced by bastet_in_april. 30/8/2011 (not D/M)
The Doctor and the Master by Dr Noise, recced by bastet_in_april. 31/8/2011 (not D/M)
The Master Song (Doctor Who Rap) by Horrible Fiction, recced by bastet_in_april. 1/9/2011 (not D/M)
Gallifreyan History 101 by Chameleon Circuit, recced by bastet_in_april. 2/9/2011 (not D/M)
The End of Time (Chantho's Song) by Tom Milsom, recced by bastet_in_april. 3/9/2011 (not D/M)
Here Come The Drums by the Cloister Belles, recced by bastet_in_april. 3/9/2011

3 Drabbles: Punting, Holy Roleplaying Time Lords, Batman!, and A Master’s Best Friend by anon, dragonofmemory, and evillawyer (on DW), recced by narwhale_callin. 5/10/2011
Various drabbles by various, recced by tula_peiwa. 26/11/2011
500 Bottles of Beer, by aralias, recced by infraredphaeton. 21/12/2009
Aftermath, by . 15/12/2009 (LoM crossover, not D/M)
after me comes the flood by ariafic, recced by bastet_in_april. 31/8/2011
After the War by unfeathered, recced by choco_chick. 24/6/2011
Against Nature and Nurture by savagestime (with salvagestime), recced by marginaliac. 10/9/10
Alis Grave Nil, by ombredelarue, recced by fox_in_time. 1/12/2010
All You Doctors, by biichan, recced by bagheera_san 26/7/2010 (not D/M)
And Other Things That Never Happened, by tabula_x_rasa, recced by janeturenne. 19/9/2010
The Amazon by neveralarch, recced by bastet_in_april. 30/8/2011
Andromeda Burns, by vail_kagami, recced by qaffian_luvr. 28/11/2009
Any Time At All by roachpatrol, recced by x_los. 19/2/2011
Bad Apples, and Gold Anniversary by tula_peiwa, recced by aralias. 24/9/2011
Baptism by nostalgia_lj, recced by srevans. 4/2/2011
Basic Physics, by smithy161, recced by prof_pangaea. 30/10/2009
The Bell Jar, by loneraven, recced by melannen. 15/11/2009
The Best of Enemies by AutumnsDarling (on Teaspoon), recced by choco_chick. 22/6/2011
Bitter Aloes, by anellis, recced by melannen. 13/11/2009
The Body Snatchers by aralias, recced b
Boots by janeturenne, recced srevans. 24/1/2011 (not really D/M)
But The Battle Is Lost by bagheera_san, recced by tula_peiwa. 20/11/2011
Cafestrovalva by x_los, recced by tula_peiwa. 15/3/2011
I Can See Gallifrey From My House by tweedymcgee, recced by dragonofmemory. 18/8/2011
Can't Take You Anywhere, by randomfandom93, recced by janeturenne. 27/9/2010
Cataracts and Cascades by neveralarch, recced by tweedymcgee. 15/7/2011
Change for the Better by nemaline, recced by the_curlyone. 10/5/2011
Chasing the Paradox, by nemaline, recced by blackletter. 20/5/2010
Christmas Crackers (parts 1 and 2 of 3 by x_los and bagheera_san, recced by narwhale_callin. 7/10/2011
Christmas fic-spam</b>, by various, recced by aralias. 24/12/2010 (not D/M)
Coil, by draegonhawke, recced by neveralarch. 15/10/2010
Cold Comfort for Change, by birdsarecalling, recced by aralias. 12/12/2010
Cooks in the Kitchen by x_los, recced by srevans. 24/1/2011
Coming Home, by smithy161, recced by qaffian_luvr. 23/11/2009
Cosmic Galacticians / Children's Fiction by neveralarch, recced by foralllove. 22/10/2011
The Crane Wife by x_los, recced by foralllove. 17/10/2011
Crazy in Love by shaggydogstales, recced by the_curlyone 1/5/2011
The Darkness Drops Again, by anon, recced by bagheera_san 3/8/2010 (non-D/M)
Date to Remember, by Astrid (at Teaspoon), recced by reasonabsurd. 31/3/2010
A Day in the Life by roachpatrol, recced by choco_chick. 25/6/2011
The Deathless, by stellar_dust (on Teaspoon), recced by aralias. 23/3/2010
Dive into the Fire, by tierfal, recced by von_gelmini 20/3/2011
Doctor Who and the Pirates, or the H.M.S. Magister by savagestime (with salvagestime), recced by marginaliac. 10/9/2010
Doctor Who Series 5 by ariastar, recced by foralllove. 19/10/2011
The Doctor writes Doctor/Master fic, by various, recced by tardiscrash. 30/10/2010
Drink Your Milkshake by x_los, recced by foralllove. 24/10/2011
The Dynamics of an Asteroid by savagestime (with salvagestime), recced by marginaliac. 10/9/2-10
The Emnity of Ages, by Forge (on Teaspoon), recced by evilawyer_fic. 30/4/2010
The End of the Over by neveralarch, recced by tardiscrash. 2/3/2011
Entertainment by severa (on Teaspoon), recced by choco_chick. 22/6/2011
Fallen (or How Charlotte Pollard Very Nearly Reformed The Master), by lost_spook, recced by aralias. 18/3/2010 (not D/M)
Fat Ainley, by visibleshivers, recced by aralias. 14/12/2010
Femme!Five/Femme!Ainley by anon, recced by aralias. 29/9/2011
The Final Game, by x_los, recced by blackletter. 25/5/2010
First Steps by Charamei on AO3, recced by bastet_in_april. 2/9/2011
Five Lives The Master Saved, by eponymous_rose, recced by marah_sarie. 16/10/2010 (Not D/M)
Five On Top, by gritsinmisery, recced by aralias. 29/9/2009
Flowers on Fire by etherati (on Teaspoon), recced by neveralarch 25/4/2011
Forbidden Passions! by bagheera_san, recced by aralias. 19/9/2011
Gallifreyan Secret Santa by mogwai_do, recced by narwhale_callin. 14/10/2011
Giving Alms to the Birds (Chap 4 of "Spoiled for Choice"), by x_los, recced by evilawyer_fic. 4/5/2010
Glossophilia, by astrogirl2, recced by marah_sarie. 13/10/2009
Graduation tomorrow (the Master Wants to Make Love) by anon, recced by the_curlyone 5/5/2011
La Grande Mort, by nemaline, recced by janeturenne. 21/09/2010
The Grandparent Trap by aralias, recced by bastet_in_april. 1/9/2011
Grant Me A Little Speech, by primsong, recced by neveralarch 4/10/2010
Had He the Motive and the Cue for Passion by soda_and_capes, recced by neveralarch 18/4/2011
A Heap of Broken Images, by shinodabear, recced by kindkit. 10/9/2009
Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed by x_los, recced by elviaprose. 8/6/11
he cannot meet his master's eyes. / when it's over, will i dream? by von_quixote, recced by x_los. 15/2/2011
The Heart Was Rejected, by lovestories, recced by filia_belialis. 17/10/2010
Home Sweet Home by pforte, recced by the_curlyone 1/5/2011
I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby by tweedymcgee, recced by foralllove. 16/10/2011
Imaginary Worlds (the Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect Remix) by bagheera_san, recced by x_los. 14/2/2011
In Dreams, by rude_not_ginger, recced by neveralarch. 19/2/2010
Interventions, by buttercupgaud, recced by neveralarch. 22/2/2010
Just for You, by okky_who, recced by aralias. 20/3/2010
The Knickerverse: Party Favor, The Knicked Knickers, Rekindling the Flame by shinodabear, recced by evilawyer_fic. 21/11/2010
Knitting Is Not A Language (Except When It Is) by nemaline, recced by dragonofmemory. 17/8/2011
Lead and Follow by dragonofmemory, recced by foralllove. 18/10/2011
Let Them Eat Cake, by jjpor, recced by evilawyer_fic. 5/5/2010
Like It's 1999 by doctor_caduceus, recced by choco_chick. 25/6/2011
Like Old Times by tierfal, recced by bastet_in_april. 3/9/2011
Literally, Stars in their Eyes, by livii, recced by neveralarch. 15/2/2010
Living Things, by bagheera_san, recced by marah_sarie. 6/10/2010
Lobos, by evil_demandred, recced by reasonabsurd. 2/4/2010
Lost to February by _medley_ recced by evilawyer_fic. 26/11/2010
Lucid Dying by doctor_caduceus, recced by foralllove. 26/10/2011
The Man I Once Was, by neveralarch, recced by aralias. 16/12/2010
The Many Marriages of the Master, by The Winged Lion of Corsuscant (on, recced by darklyenigmatic. 3/9/2010
Master at Arms, by brief_transit, recced by darklyenigmatic 11/12/2010
Masterchef, by jjpor, recced by evilawyer_fic. 5/5/2010
The Master Takes A Holiday, by Old Ping Hai (on, recced by melannen. 14/11/2009
The Master Wants to Make Love by anon, recced by the_curlyone 5/5/2011
The Mischief of Memories, by yo_mawari, recced by time_testudinem. 15/12/2009 (LoM crossover)
The Missing Element by louiex, recced by choco_chick. 24/6/2011
Moral Compromises, by catelfemme (on Teaspoon), recced by blackletter. 31/5/2010
Nameless, Faceless, by d_generate_girl, recced by evilawyer_fic. 7/5/2010
Name Magic, by storyseller (on Teaspoon), recced by bagheera_san 6/8/2010
Need, by lamiel_writes, recced by darklyenigmatic. 4/9/2010
Negotiation by neveralarch, recced by foralllove. 28/10/2011
Mating Habits by tardiscrash, recced by foralllove. 29/10/2011
Mercentile by anon, recced by choco_chick 23/6/2011 href="">New Gallifrey, by Xanthe (on Pryadonian), recced by qaffian_luvr. 18/11/2009
No Longer Hearing Voices by aralias, recced by elviaprose. 8/6/11
No More, by snowgrouse, recced by evilawyer_fic. 6/5/2010
Oh Christ, I've left the iron on!, by anon, recced by aralias. 16/3/2010
Office AU by neveralarch, recced by aralias. 22/9/2011
The One Where Koschei Lets Theta Top for a Change, The One Where Koschei Goes All BDSM on Theta's Arse and The One Where Koschei Takes His Punishment by thirdbird_fic, recced by evilawyer_fic. 14/11/2010
Passing Notes, by adaliafic, recced by bagheera_san 24/7/2010
Patterns, by blackletter, recced janeturene 30/9/2010
The Personal History, Adventures, Experience and Observation of David Theta of Houses Lungbarrow and Oakden (as related by his father, and not meant for publication). Chapter One. by aralias, recced by tardiscrash. 24/2/2011
Persons of Interest by Tierfal, recced by tula_peiwa. 13/11/2011
Possession By Inches by tardiscrash, recced by foralllove. 23/10/2011
Princess Bride crossover by anon, recced by the_curlyone 5/5/2011
Prey of the Cheetahs by neveralarch, recced by dragonofmemory 8/8/2011
The Ravages of Eternity by sariane on, recced by bastet_in_april. 3/9/2011
Reception of the Daleks by janeturenne, recced by tardiscrash. 9/6/11
Redirection by bluestalking (on AO3), recced by insanitysorigin. 31/7/2011
Resurfacing, by shinodabear, recced by evilawyer_fic. 3/5/2010
Returning to Ouroboros, by shinodabear, recced by filia_belialis. 28/10/2010
Ring of Truth, by theficklepickle, recced by melannen. 13/11/2009
Robots and the Men Who Love Them, by janeturenne, recced by blackletter. 17/5/2010
Le Roman de la Starren by anadapta0801, recced by srevans. 30/1/2011
Sartorial Differences by aralias, recced by alexwearspants 8/1/2011
Shalka fic fragments by shalkalaka, recced by narwhale_callin. 12/10/2011
Shift in Reality, by kesomon, recced by neveralarch. 26/2/2010
Silencing the Drums by Silencingthedrums (on Pryadonian), recced by evilawyer_fic. 18/11/2010
Sit, by smithy161, recced by aralias. 27/9/2009
Size Matters by birdsarecalling, recced by elviaprose. 29/5/11
The Sleepwalker / Meanwhile, In Another Universe by aralias, recced by foralllove. 25/10/2011
Snow - A Meeting by x_los, recced by foralllove. 21/10/2011
So Far Exceeds Expression by neveralarch, recced by narwhale_callin. 10/10/2011
So Fearless, You're Filthy, Except When You Fail, by rm on AO3, recced by aralias. 22/12/2010 (warning: RPS)
Solitaire, by bagheera_san, recced by aralias. 30/3/2010
The Space Between Opposites, by Storyseller (on Teaspoon), recced by kindkit. 18/9/2009
Spikey Time Lord Cocks (Crack Version) by anon, recced by tweedymcgee. 24/7/2011
The Steps by evillawyer, recced by dragonofmemory. 11/8/2011
The Sweet Cheat Gone by x_los, recced byneveralarch 29/4/2011
Sweet are the Uses by bagheera_san, recced by dragonofmemory. 19/8/2011
Susan is the granddaughter of One and the War Chief, by anon, recced by alexwearspants. 2/1/2010
Symbiosis by tweedymcgee, recced by dragonofmemory. 10/8/2011
A Taste of Honey by roachpatrol, recced by choco_chick. 23/6/2011
A Tale of Two TARDISes, by PencilGuardian (on Teaspoon), recced by aralias. 25/3/2010
Ten/Goosnake, by anon, recced by aralias. 20/12/2010
There Will Be No Shame by nonlinear_lover, recced by tardiscrash. 4/3/2011
Things That Were Not, Yet Should Have Been by eumenides (Teaspoon), recced by alexwearspants. 27/12/2010
Things You Don't Want in the Night by calapine, recced by neveralarch 23/4/2011
These Days, by wishfulaces, recced by kindkit. 22/9/2009
Those Aren't Mine by sm47, recced by tula_peiwa. 18/3/2011
The Thousand Natural Shocks by soda_and_capes, recced by insanitysorigin. 31/7/2011
Three and Delgado discover Ten and Simm having sex by savaial, recced by narwhale_callin. 3/10/2011
Uncertainty Principals, by fahye_fic, recced by filia_belialis. 20/10/2010
Use My Name and Mirror Image, by fiandyfic, recced by time_testudinem. 15/12/2009 (LoM crossover, not D/M)
Variations on Forever, by janeturenne, recced by fox_in_time. 5/12/2010
Variations on a Theme, recced by melannen. 16/11/2009
Velleity, by violetisblue and jonquil, recced by evilawyer_fic. 7/5/2010
Velvet Obsession, by Sub Rosa (on Teaspoon), recced by reasonabsurd. 9/4/2010 (mostly not D/M)
A Very Original Sin by x_los, recced by tweedymcgee. 15/7/2011
Viva la Revolution challenge fic by tardiscrash, recced by dragonofmemory. 9/8/2011
What are Grits, Anyway? by x_los, recced by dragonofmemory. 11/8/2011
When You Left Me Here, You Left Me Here To Die, by triedunture, recced by blackletter. 25/5/2010
What Rassilon Hath Joined Together..., by x_los, recced by aralias. 2/10/2009
When There's Life, There's... by british_demon, recced by unknown20troper. 27/11/2011
Wonderwall/The Masterplan by aralias, recced by x_los
Worst Bedtime Story Ever by tardiscrash, recced by dragonofmemory. 15/8/2011
You Will Be Me (The When I'm Gone Ontological Tautology Remaster), by nope (on AO3), recced by bagheera_san 26/7/2010
Zombie Plan by dragonofmemory, recced by bastet_in_april. 1/9/2011

The Dark Path by David A. McIntee, recced by dragonofmemory. 16/8/2011
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